Jubeat Qubell Info / 유비트 큐벨 인포 by HLETRD

특정 시점 이후 가입한 사용자가 갱신되지 않던 문제를 수정하였습니다. 다시 갱신해주세요. (2016-09-13 공지)

Oneclick Update

'1-Click update' now available. You have to make your playdata public to use the function.

Manual update (old)

While you are logged in on eAMUSEMENT, copy below, and paste it into URL bar, and press 'Enter'. (Be careful, the prefix "javascript:" won't be copied properly.)
Or you may add below to your bookmarks bar, and click it while you are logged in on eAMUSEMENT.
If you encountered any error or uptate fails, please retry.
Updating not supported properly on Microsoft Edge now. Please consider using other browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc...)